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Mystics tell us that in the very principle of everything, the absolute Bliss lingers, from which all the forms of life rise as generous gifts full of Good and Beatitude. But what if the mystics are wrong?

What if the absolute being, that ur-consciousness at the root of every creation, is in itself an unbearable void and darkness, a miserable abyss that has to vomit creations to amuse itself at least a little, to give some, even if pathetic ones, distinct borders to infinity and eternity, unbearable in their utter vastness?

You are a soul born from such an abyss, capturing all forms of being in a desperate try to reach the higher steps of the existence ladder, hoping for some redemption once. You will have to go through the sequence of nightmarish incarnations, endure various evils of different states of being before you can catch some stable point where you could live far from the darkness of the abyss and its tentacles full of pain and despair. 

In this game, you represent a soul trying to break free from the cycle of nightmarish incarnations by enduring the right sequence of them, building an octave from cosmic tones, and getting to the higher, more peaceful level of being.


If you are in a possession of the physical version of the game, you can DOWNLOAD ALL THE RULEBOOKS here:

And do not forget to download the original soundtrack by Grimscribe here.

Or you can get the print and play version with both expansions for only $3 with the soundtrack included: 

The complete full-size art from the game ready to be printed:


Some pictures from the PDFs you get

1 of the 10 print sheets of 1sided A4 format:

1 of the 10 print sheets of both-sided letter format:

A picture from the rulebook, showing the initial setup:

Pictures from the gameplay example picture booklet: