Droned Dwarves

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In possession of the physical version of the game, you can download the offical soundtrack by Tortvred Realms here.

If you like the music, please consider also supporting this great music artist directly on his site, where you can get the full versions of the albums from which this sountrack was assembled: https://tortvredrealm.bandcamp.com/


Why do I need to discard "Photo of Your Beloved" when getting the will-up effect? Why it couldn't be used again?
No dwarf has so much courage to remind himself two times that he is late and his wife will be upset. One time is enough for your sanity.   

Multiplayer options

Cooperative mode: All the "Below..." cards are stocked in just one pile. The party gets out together when all these cards are discarded. In this mode, do not use the "Main Tunnel" card, it would make the game too easy. – Or on the other hand, use none "Below..." cards (getting a pair is beneficial only through its effect and thanks to uncovering a part of the game field) and the aim of the game is to uncover the main tunnel (to make this variant more challenging, you can use the advanced dungeon crawl rules from folio #4, with dice rolling).

Super lite variant: Use no encounter cards, just pairs. The player with more pairs in the end wins. In this version, the classic Pexeso rule returns: the player who uncovered a pair, gains another turn (and other if he uncovers another pair, and so on... Btw, you can add this rule to your main game as well).

Immortal: Players do not use stats counters limited to 21. Each player has unlimited amount of all three stats; the point is to be less harmed at the end of the match than the others.


  • Play as the weakest dwarf
  • Play without any equipment

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