Upcoming tabletop games:
Upcoming tabletop games:

War Claw Games as a small independent label producing various tabletop games was established in 2020 by an illustrator so far working under the label Dr(o)))ned Artworks mainly for heavy metal bands. At first, the only aim was to develop a dark fantasy-medieval horror game called Recurring Nightmares, as a kind of "added value" to an upcoming series of art prints. But soon the game began to grow up so much in complexity that the author saw it was not only "added value to prints" anymore, but a thing on its own, and, at the same time, decided to start with developing simpler games first. In the end, each of the games under development is complex in its own field, but at the same time, closely focused on one main original motive or theme. The first game to be released, till the end of 2020, is Corrupted Crypts, an old school card/sheets tabletop dungeon crawler with black/white illustrations on approx. 140 cards.

Most of the games, thanks to the author's friendships and contacts among experienced musicians, will have original soundtracks, especially in the genres of Dark Ambient, Drone Doom, and Dungeon Synth.

All the products will be highly personal, DIY to the bone, available only through the author himself, and few authorized persons.
I am funding all the development myself, so I am deeply grateful for any selfless help with it. Thank you very much, my friend!

The site is under development as well as all the games. For more info mail to droned.artworks@gmail.com

Or visit the Facebook channel, for the fresh news and details: www.facebook.com/warclawgames